Someone please make it stop

I just want to talk to someone. :(

I didn’t think it was possible to feel two extremes at the same time.


If you love a soul, more than fame and gold

And that soul feels the same about you.

It’s a natural fact, there’s no turning back.

And here’s some advise to you.

You got to say its you and me.

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I just want a hug.
Or someone to hold me.

I guess I’m kind of self-destructive.

False Sense of Happiness

I thought being home would make me feel better. I guess helping my dad build a shed in the backyard is killing some time. Seeing the neighbor’s dog Mochi, or “Mocho” as my dad calls him, want to play cheered me up a little. I’ve spent the last two days mainly just in my room either on my computer or playing some stupid game to try to pass the time. I couldn’t even feel good about changing my car’s oil since my dad went ahead and did it for me even though I said I was going to do it.

I just feel sad and alone and it sucks that not even being at home with the people that show me nothing but love has changed that.

There’s an empty feeling in my stomach, like I need to do something, I just don’t know what that is. It’s my insecurities, my depression, my fear, my unwillingness to do something to change all of that.

I can’t even really blame it on the alligator. It’s really not his fault (but he probably isn’t helping either).

I should be more excited

Officially 33 hours and 15 minutes more but it just feels like another day.


do water levels suck so much? I’m replaying Donkey Kong 64 at home and I got to Gloomy Galleon and just stopped. I’ll pick it up again later. It’s like five times as bad as the water temple since you have to do it with five different characters. 

I actually

have this side goal in life to one day play in a mariachi band. It sounds like a ridiculous dream but I really enjoy the music. I think it’s so beautifully played. All of the instruments blend together perfectly and mesh to make an amazing symphony. I would play either the trumpet or the violin.